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Crazymage assists you on thinking and designing all the way through the implementation of your digital communication strategy. Composed of professional talents in web and design, our team is offering creative digital solutions:

  • Websites solutions, web and mobile applications
  • Creating and monitoring social media campaigns
  • Optimizing SEO


We support you in creating powerful and useful web tools, from conception to utilisation.

For all your web devices, branded website, e-commerce website, intranet, extranet or event website, Crazymage provides a comprehensive service that includes strategic consulting, web design, technical development, hosting, SEO and launch of your projects.


Our teams design our clients'websites optimally, enabling them to appear in the top results of search engines.

Crazymage analyzes your website and establishes an adapted strategy to optimize your product positioning, your visibility and increase your webtraffic.


Crazymage can provide you a better understanding of the latest behaviors by developping mobile websites and original multi-platform applications (Android, iOS).

Crazymage provides with you a full end-package of your projects (graphic design, consistency of Graphical User Interfaces, technical development and hosting devices).


Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Tumblr, etc..

These social networks have become an integral part of the modern Internet landscape.

We identify the best social platforms on which you will be represented. Furthermore, we can assist you in the design and the monitoring of your devices: integrating strategic consulting, community management and even creating specific applications adapted to your needs.


Crazymage animates your brand.

Writing, filming, editing, mixing and calibration, our audiovisual professionals put their talent and skills to service your audiovisual projects.

Institutional films, interviews, event recordings, animation films, documentaries, video clips, trailers, etc ...

Crazymage advices you and assists you from design to distribution of your projects.

film editing
graphiq design
sound mixing
le Print

We know how to do Print

Crazymage gives image to your brand.
Logo, graphic design, marketing materials, etc..
Illustrators and designers of crazymage support you in the design of an effective visual identity, recognizable in a glance.
Designed for multi-media, our works are optimized for the web and the print.
From creation to print, Crazymage ensure all stages of creating your brand.



Creation of the Creativ’link interface

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Design of the website of Alcatel’s business commitee

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Model App

Facebook application dedicated to the professionals of modeling

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Yam Gambetta

Design and creation of the website of "Yam Gambetta" in Paris

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Design of the society Faria’s website

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Facebook Application for the launch of the second season of « Flics » series

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Editing an advertising film for Samsung camera NX1000

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Arrête la clop

Creation of a website for « »

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Danone Communities

Editing a film for Digital 4 Change of Danone Communities

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Creation of the website of the author Thomas Raphaël for Flammarion

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Master Image

Creation of institutional documents for Master Image

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Creation of the Mailtrack website for the agency Feedback

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Les Globes de Cristal

Photo shooting for the globes de cristal ceremony in 2012

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Anaël Guez

Design and creation of the website of Anaël Guez, french actress

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Inter-view Innovative

Design of advertising press inserts for the agency Inter-view Innovative

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Stop Le Contrôle Au Faciès

Creation of a press kit for the organization

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Editing a film about the ferrero’s factory and the « kinder bueno »

Lire plus

Chinese Institute

Creation of website and print for « Your Chinese Institute »

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School of Digital Media of the Sorbonne

Visual identity and print media of a new school

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Les Minots

Creation of the website of the restaurant-bar Les Minots in Paris

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Alhambra Films

Editing the video trailer of the cinema movie « Pauvre Richard »

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Editing the documentary « Boréalis »

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